Seminar on Content Delivery Networks and Net Neutrality

16th April 2012 (12:00 – 16:00)

Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law,
Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
Venue: Room 540, Domus Nova, St. Olavs plass. 5

12:00 Lunch
12:30 Darren Read (NRCCL):
Research questions regarding Net Neutrality (NN)
13:00 Discussion
13:15 Håkon Styri (Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority):
The objectives and technical functionalities of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
13:45 Discussion
14:00 Break
14:15 Frode Sørensen (Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority): Regulating CDNs in the context of NN
14:45 Discussion
15:00 Bjarne Andre Myklebust and Thomas Myhr (NRK): Comments from a content producers’ perspective
15:30 Discussion
15:45 Concluding discussion:
16:00 End

Participation is free of charge. Please contact Darren Read for registration by 10th April,

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